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Cia chief petraeus quits admitting affair

Cia chief petraeus quits admitting affair

Ciucci, 67, stepped down at the end of May amid allegations that he had a r더킹카지노elationship with the Italian woman, according to Italy’s Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper.

He has denied the allegations.

“They have been wrong, completely wrong,” Ciaran Ciaran, the president of Ciaran Ciaran Associates said in a statement.

It is not clear if he resigned voluntarily or was removed by his superiors.

The scandal first broke this week when Italian women’s magazine Periscope uploaded a naked video of the pair after Ciaran, 69, claimed to have slept with the woman earlier this week at his London home.

In his statement, Ciaran said he had only been living in the UK since 2008, adding: “My work has ceased.

“A lot has changed in the past year. I feel my work has had to be turned into a personal life in order to make myself a husband and a father.”

He added: “Today, I’m not sure I want to be an actor, or to be a lawyer, or to be in a certain media industry.

“I want to be a man who is free to live my life – to make his or her own decisions. The be바카라사이트st thing for me would be to let this story fade.”

He went on to reveal he had been living in London for the last f우리카지노ive years.

Ciaran Ciaran has denied the allegations